A Glitch. (ITS DONE!!)

Title: A Glitch
Fandom: Steam Powered Giraffe
Summary: We always hear about Rabbit’s glitches, but what if The Spine got one, too?
Characters: Rabbit, Spine, Jon, Qwerty, Steve
Rating: PG I suppose? ._. Lets say PG-13 to be safe.
Notes: FEELS!! … Sorry. ;n; (Also, second fic, Its probably bad. ;n; Sorry.)


It was that time for the Spine, one of his favourites. An upgrade. He was really excited for this one, seeing as he came up with the main idea for it, this time. Steve had spent a week and a half configuring it all to be compatible with the Spine’s programing. Rabbit insisted that he helped, saying, “I never get to help! Please! And on top of that, you never gave me a chance to!” Spine and Steve were reluctant, but they did agree to let him help.

Spine was wired and hooked up, like he usually was when receiving an upgrade. Things seemed to be going smoothly. Steve said to Spine, “Alright, here we go. Uploading the upgrade… Now.” Rabbit was standing next to Steve, watching the progress bar. That was when a sudden power outage came. Rabbit was startled by this and hugged Steve’s arm. Only 5 seconds later, the power came back on. Spine looked to them, rather confused. Steve checked the upgrade bar, and it said it was already complete. It didn’t make sense to him, but Spine said, “I feel fine. Nothing seems to be wrong.” Steve then looked to Rabbit saying, “Alright… If you’re sure. Now, Rabbit, may I have my arm back?” Rabbit let go with a nervous chuckle.


A few days had gone by and things were not alright at all. Almost everyone in the Walter manor had been noticing The Spine glitching more than usual. His neck had been randomly twitching, he would repeat himself, he sometimes would stand in the same position for a few minutes, then carry on as if it hadn’t happened. Everyone was worried, especially Rabbit. Rabbit was worried he had messed up when they were giving Spine his upgrade. The worst part was, Spine would just brush it off, or tell them not to worry when his glitches would take place.

One day it was worse than usual. Spine’s speech had become like Rabbit’s, and he kept shutting down at random times. Rabbit tried getting the Spine to have his programing checked, but Spine turned him down and said not to worry. Now, Jon, who had been rather oblivious to Spine’s glitches, was running around pretending to be an airplane. He had his eyes closed, thinking he knew the halls well enough to run and not see. Spine and Rabbit saw him running up, and they both chuckled a little. Jon, while running, bumped into a stand with a vase on it. Spine reached out to catch the vase, but froze half-way. Jon’s eyes shot open at the sound of the vase smashing on the ground.

Rabbit looked to the Spine in fear, he called his name, and even shook him. Jon started to panic, saying “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to break The Spine!” Rabbit tried to calm Jon down, by saying “I-i-it’ll be alright… H-he’ll probably move in a moment… I.. I hope.” Spine, in fact, did. He looked to his brothers, not quite sure what happened. Jon immediately hugged Spine, apologizing over and over. Rabbit asked Spine, “Are you alright? You.. Froze.” Spine was quiet at first , but he answered, “I need to go to the hall of wires… There’s something I need to check.” Jon let go, and Spine left as quickly as he could.

Spine rushed back to the hall of wires, not sure what was going on. He didn’t want to think he was glitching this badly, but he was. When he arrived, he quickly plugged himself into the computer, and started a system evaluation. After a few minutes, the results were surprising to him. It said he was functioning normally. Spine shook his head, confused about everything going on. Qwerty swooped over to Spine, saying, “Hey, Spine! There r a few wires tangled up! Lolz! They need 2 b untangled soon!” Spine looked to Qwerty and said, “I’ll get right on that.” The Spine let the wires take him to the tangled ones were. Thankfully there was a place to stand near by. He only had to lean over a little.

He began to untangle the wired, but he didn’t notice that one of the wires was falling apart and had a stray wire hanging out. He barely touched it, but to a severe consequence. The wire was live, and it electrocuted him, causing a short circuit. He shut off, unwillingly, and fell. The wires were able to catch their care taker, and gently laid him down on the floor. Qwerty tried to wake the Spine, but to no avail. Qwerty panicked, and called out for Rabbit. Rabbit arrived shortly, unaware of what had happened.

When Rabbit entered the Hall of Wired, fear struck him the moment he saw Spine motionless on the floor. He ran to his brothers side, calling his name. “SPINE!!! No no no no! Please! Not you, Spine! C-c-c-c-c-come on! I’m the one who malfunctions! N-n-n-ot you! Please, PLEASE Wake up!” Unfortunately for Rabbit, there was no response from Spine. Rabbit did his best to calm himself down, trying to figure out what to do. The he remembered the upgrade, and Steve. ‘Steve would be able to help!' Rabbit thought to himself. Rabbit, with a little difficulty, scooped The Spine up in his arms and ran to Steve's room. Steve told him to follow him to the repair room.


In the repair room, Steve wasted no time getting to work on figuring out what was wrong. He immediately plugged the Spine into his computer, and ran an analysis. All Rabbit could think about was the black out that happened during Spine’s upgrade. Low and behold, he was right. Steve explained the black out caused the upgrade to change, and only parts of the upgrade were uploaded properly. They removed the faulty upgrade, and replaced it with the proper one.

Rabbit, who hadn’t left Spine’s side, waited patiently for his brother to wake up. Spine did, indeed, wake up moments later. “Rabbit? W.. What happened?” “Oh, you glitched. Thats all. Steve’s fixed ya up. Don’t you worry.” “… Thank you. Both of you.”

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